Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Help fight the unseen monster of the mind

My first thought after hearing of the passing off an icon in my mind are below.  Looking back now it was something that just came out of nowhere but from the very soul and heart of me.  I believe we can help.

Sad news about an amazing icon.  I heard just now and if the reports are true I'll say this.  Depression is a cold son of a bitch that everyone deals with on some level and comes up on you out of nowhere.  It's all around us and people get lost in it as we all pay more attention to the shit in this world that doesn't matter.  Pay attention to those around to you, lend a hand or kind word to strangers, smile at someone because you never know it could save them.  Help each other out and fight together.  Here is one of the many amazing memories of Mr. Williams that I'll never forget.  Thanks for the laughs.  That is all. Be well friends.

How do you fight something that can't be seen?  I mean people who are depressed or down sometimes don't know it until it too late.  So how can we fight something so hidden?  I don't know how to cure this issue but I know something that I've started to do that helps.  It can be as simple as a smile or friendly hello.  Just noticing someone who is struggling might be enough.  Reach out to others no matter how uncomfortable it may be for you.  Try to think about someone else once a day is what I do.  If we put others needs first and pay it forward then I believe we are on the right track. 

Seeing this depressing is rough to watch first hand.  Working with troubled youth there is a lot of depression, self harm and suicide attempts.  It's not easy trying to talk someone down from that but we as humans need to help our fellow brothers and sisters.  It's a battle that can not be won alone or in one day.  It's a struggle daily.

Judging these people that attempt or follow through with it isn't helping anything.  Instead of saying evil things why not try and help those who are still here suffering.  The more you judge them and post about it it's more likely that someone else out there will read that and think even less of themselves.  Turn your negative comments into positive ones to help others.

Again I don't have the awnsers and I know that we can only do so much before the person struggling has to do some work but again sometimes they can't see how to do that just yet.  That's where you come in with a friendly hello or a smile.  For the few that read this I challenge you to look outside yourself and help someone daily.  The more you give the more the universe will give back to you over time, the more someone will in return be there for you when you down, and then start the pay it forward cycle over again.  For those who might read this and feel lost, stuck, or unable to open up to someone I am here.  I am can't solve your issues but I can lend an ear.  So hit me up anytime.

Be well friends

Sunday, July 13, 2014

What the Diamond Cutter means to me now

I looked at this picture of me rocking the Cutter by an iceberg here in Alaska and thought "What does this hand sign mean to me now verses before starting the program?" Here is what I was thinking/feeling in that moment. 

For years the sign of the Diamond Cutter only meant that some fool was about to get dropped by Dallas in the ring.  It was amazing to see everyone threw it up in the arena to show him that the masses supported him which only fueled him to finish his match for the 1, 2, 3.  Today, for me, it's something bigger than that.

Connecting all the dots as you bring your thumb and index fingers together in the shape of the Diamond Cutter to make this sign of strength, courage and determination.  For me it's given me another tool to use to help others.  Shown me that to help others you do not have to even talk with them you just have to put your adventure, journey, or story whatever it maybe out there.  I say it all the time you never know who will hear your story and finally make positive changes in their life.  The diamond cutter sign has giving me hope again in people because the support system that is behind it now is one strong ass team of amazing people.  It's more to me then just a wrestling sign from the past.  I understand it now and feel its power more than ever.

That symbol turned me from this overweight 30 year old that was struggling to do broken table below into the motivated, positive, soon to be certified Ass Kickin Alaskan.  It's given me a new outlook on everything from my relationships, family, friends, job, life, eating habits and yeah even with my dogs which without the help of some deep DDP Yoga breathing I might not be able to keep as calm as I do with my furry little friends.

The Diamond Cutter logo is something I am proud of and am always rocking.  It's given me a new life and pushed me so damn far out of my comfort zone in the pass year and half that I have grown so much.  I look forward to seeing where it takes me in the next year.  I wear it proudly and always hulk it up with a little extra during workouts because after all its one of the key factors with DDP Yoga.

So in closing I ask you(who do the program and live the life style) What does the Diamond Cutter sign mean to you?

Be well friends,

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dusting off and moving forward

"In life, you can blame a lot of people and you can wallow in self-pity, or you can pick yourself up and say 'Listen, I have to be responsible for myself'"

Heads up... Not sure how this will all come out but I want it to be real as well as from the heart like ive always done.  This is something that I need to get out there so I can move forward.

Breaking down the walls of "Pityland"
In life, you can blame a lot of people and you can wallow in self-pity, or you can pick yourself up and say, 'Listen, I have to be responsible for myself.'
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/h/howardschu592286.html#e02RYKLv0X5dLoFb.99
Self doubt has a funny way of messing with your mind.  If you are not aware that its creeping in there, you can end up pretty far down the rabbit hole.  With that being said its never too late to make a change.  Hell I've made tons of changes in my life in the last year or so but that doesn't mean that everything is all good, all the time.  That just means I need to work, key word there being work, harder and smarter at not allowing myself to give up.  Then again is falling that bad?  In the moment it sure seems like it but if you are open to getting over yourself then you should be able to find the positive in a fall or setback right?  Right!  Just as long as we are learning from the fall and changing for the positive then its easy to move forward.  Some times its not easy to find that so called silver lining when you are so deep in the shit. 

A thought came to me the other day when working on this issues.  I do not need to get "back to it" or get back "On Track" because where I was only got me so far.  I feel that to achieve my newer goals I need to be better, work harder, dig deeper, and kick more ass as only I can do.  I need to work on my faults as much as my strengths instead of hiding them.

So here it is finally out in the open and its all based off my own feelings as well as reactions.  I felt like I got to close or deep into the Level 1 workouts.  I was too worried about being perfect, nailing everything, and working out like a robot that i lost track of why I started this all.  I wanted feedback but I wasnt really open to listening to it and instead of learning from it I turned from the level one workout.  I couldnt look at it after I allowed myslef to feel sorry for myself.  I did free style type of workouts alone to stay tuned up.  Then I sat back and held it in.  I have so many people out there I could have gone to and some I did but I held on to it.  Holding something, anything inside you without working it out is not good.  That pity party thing was in full swing and it was bad.

I knew deep inside that I would return to kick out of this and own the level 1 workout finally.
Set backs or whatever you want to call it maybe falling down aren't easy.  We feel like we've let someone down or we weren't good enough.  Bull shit.  Giving up is the only time you'll let yourself and others down.  A set back is just that, a set back.  Look at it as a chance to focus or work harder on something you might have missed the first or tenth time trying.


Thank you for listening and hopefully it made some kind of sense.  I wrote this and put it out there for one reason.  To hold myself accountable finally so I could move forward with a better and more positive outlook on everything.  You all are so damn inspiring so please never change that.  Always be honest and open because you never know who might need your help.  Someone is out there looking up to you and thinks you are a hero.  So shine your true colors and be you.  Even when that color might not be the "In" color shine that shit anyways because its all about being who you are.  That's why this program/ life style is amazing.  So many like minded people wanting to help others with nothing back in return but paying it forward.  Take time out of your day to tell someone how amazing they are or that what they are doing matters to you.  You never really know how much that might mean to someone.  I know i've been given that from so many and I love it.  It helps me a lot I know and sometimes right when its needed the most.

I am grateful for those who helped me out of this and reminded me who I am.  You all know who you are and I thank you very much.  Inspiration is there as well as motivation.  I've been enjoying starting to design some logo's for the Ass Kicking Alaskan.  Its been really cool starting to set newer goals and working on them already.  I'll leave you all with this.  My creed that was made right here in Alaska thanks to my adventure with DDP Yoga.

                                     Be driven    Set goals    Focus     Kick ass    Inspire

Be well friends,
Live to inspire, look outside yourself daily, and always remember that to someone you are a hero.

*thanks to Matt Owen for the idea of the AKA mountain logo at the top*

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Changing the way I react to things

For years my response was always something negative.  It's just easier right? Wrong but that was how I use to think.  I mean I thought I was a happy go lucky kind of person but that wasn't the case.  It wasn't until I finally made the decision to change my outlook on life that I started to notice these changes.  Living life on the defensive is tiring and harmful to ones health.  Listening to Dallas talk about life being 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we all respond to it really click in my head.  It was one of the first things I heard the first time I listened to DDP Radio.

It's all about training our brains to think about why we stress, worry, or justify things that we can not change.  Listen to the last part of that "things that we can not change."  I would take the issue out of the equation and I would say that over and over.  Why waste time stressing and trying to make others adapt to what we feel is right when they are not willing to change.  Wasting time on petty or negative things only hurts ourselves.  I figure that its healthier to use that wasted time on something positive like excising, writing, playing sports or music, or doing something for someone else that would make their life easier.  Paying it forward is a great substitute over stressing about things we cant change or reacting to negative situations.

Feeling stuck in the "Well of the Souls"
I guess the best way to describe what I was feeling was the picture below from "Raiders." There are times still to this day that I snap because I am not perfect.  That is why I am writing this.  Things build up inside and come out at odd times.  I take responsibility for allowing something that I have control over get me down.  Down enough to sit in the shadows for a while now.  I took some time to really gather my thoughts.  Yeah it got bad and the "poor me" came out which I thought was long gone.  I also feel that I allowed it to bother me so much that worrying about it bother me too.  You get it the old downward spiral of the "poor me" attitude is never a good thing.

 So what did I do?  "I kicked that olde flop of mine, Mr. Skint Me square in the fanny which translates to "I kicked that old friend of mine, Mr. Poor Me, square in the ass."  It took some time and a lot of the wife mostly kicking my ass.  She is amazing....at bugging me until i finally breakdown.  I have a lot of people I can talk to both here and out there in DDP Yoga land.  Without all of those people I would have packed it in a lot longer.  So instead of sitting on my heels I turned my negitive shitty attitude into something positive.  I used that anger for good and was able to get back to where i needed to be.  I got there by going back to the place where it all started for me,  Team DDP Yoga, Facebook, and DDP Radio.  I mean reading all the new stories from people who were jacked up and ready to start the program was so damn inspiring.  I was reminded of how I felt when I started and I realized it was time to kick that shit.  

So here I am saying I am accountable for allowing myself to throw a pitty party.  I know I am not alone and I am here to say to those who read this that you are not either.  If you are struggling reach out to friends or the team.  There is someone with Team DDP Yoga that can help someone at anytime of the day.  It's amazing and I am proud to be apart of that movement.  

Thanks friends.  This one kind of came out of nowhere.  Just put some of my thoughts out there.

Be well

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

From "The Couch Potatoe" to the "Ass Kickin' Alaskan": 1 year withDDPYoga

I have to start with this. I want to write this message to myself from a year ago.


Thank you for failing over and over and over again.  For trying to get out of the fog you were in and figuring out how to change to become a better, healthier person.  Look what happened once you put you mind into it and said I will, instead of I can't.  Thanks again for never giving up but giving in enough to allow the greatest change to happen to you.  I am proud of what you will become and this is not the end for you".   The Ass Kickin' Alaskan

If a year ago someone would have said I'd drop 47 pounds in 6 months, would getting phone calls from Dallas Page, ask life questions to pro wrestlers, be on DDP Radio as a caller, meet new people across the globe, eat cleaner, write a blog, stop drinking soda, be in the certification program, and working with my local high school hockey team all linked to DDP Yoga, I would have called you batshit crazy.  Back then my mind was not open to that information or the belief that I could make all or any of that happen.  I am damn proud to say that I did all of that by being persistent and never allowing my mind to throw the towel in for my body.  Was it a struggle? Hell yeah it wasn't easy but if it was easy everyone would be doing it.  It's all about getting past the road blocks and earning your stripes.  I had to show others I could do it but most importantly I had to prove it to myself.

The pictures below are to show others that anyone can change but the change starts with your own mind.  I looked back to find me at my heaviest and it was hard to find pictures since I hated to be in them since I didn't like the way I looked.  So....
From this....

...To this in 11 months

I am so grateful for all the help that people have given me.  I try my best to let people know that I appreciate what they have all given me.  There has been many times when checking in online at different social media outlets where someone will post a quote, personal story, or struggle that resonates with me.  It's not just those that are with Team DDP Yoga that have helped inspire me.  My mind is more open to these kind of things and I try my best not to dwell on the negative feedback I can get at times for the changes I've made.

This Adventure with DDP Yoga

I want to write a quick snap shot of my story.  To read more about my adventure you can look back to my older blog post.  I jumped right into the program and started doing what most do, preach the "gospel".  Its one of those things that are unexplainable but you just feel like you have to tell everyone how amazing the program is.  Most of the time I was met with odd looks since its was "yoga" and a wrestler was selling it as a "gimmick". 

I followed the workout guide for a few days and then just made it my own.  My body was healing from years of not taking care of it.  I mean not just from the wear and tear but the poor choices of food or drink that I was putting into my body.  Old injuries became just that, old and gone.  This program isn't about just dropping weight and then moving on to the next workout, its a life style.  I logged a lot of workouts and was dropping weight which was great.  It wasn't until later down the road that I understood what was more important.  It was my mental state that was changing.  Yeah some would say I was drinking the "Kool-Aid" but that wasn't it.  Its all about being apart of the best support system on the planet.  I have gained a lot by being apart of Team DDP Yoga.  I mean there is always someone there I can talk to or even help.  

A few months in I got that call from Dallas.  I had emailed him about teaching the program at work or to friends.  I felt like it was a calling and I was sticking with it longer than I've ever stuck with anything like this before.  I was and am very passionate about it.  So the call goes to voice mail and Dallas says its cool if I teach.  It will help me prepare for the DDP Yoga Certification program.  Damn, I mean come on, the guy is busy all the time and he stopped by to call me about one of my emails.  I have a lot of respect for him for that and I appreciate the time that he has given me.  So there I was thinking "Well I was already thinking about teaching and now the 3 time WCW World Champ just gave me his blessing".  I would have been a idiot to not say "Hell Yeah" and get down to studying each move.

When I was waiting for the certification program I was approached about teaching at the high school.  I was very lucky to have had the chance to train our local boys and girls with our home town high school hockey team. This made me see that I could teach big groups and that I would like to go into schools to teach a few lessons in gym classes someday. 
Off ice training and...

a little on ice training.

The adventure that I have been on so far has done so much for me personal.  I've gone from sitting on the damn couch watching my life go by always doing the "poor me" gig to helping others with my story.  Why am I so lucky? I feel like I've found the fountain of youth.  I mean reflecting back on this first year with DDP Yoga I can honestly say its been the best year of my life.  It has allowed me to see things that have always been there.  I am forever grateful for that and can not say thank you enough to all that I talk with, work with in groups or one on one training with.  People thank me over and over for teaching them but really they are the ones helping me perfect my craft.  

The future is unclear but atleast its a healthy one now:

As I've said before, I feel like my mind is open to more things and that I have a lot of goals now since starting DDP Yoga.  As I write this I am waiting to hear back from Doc about my two videos for the DDP Yoga Certification. The certification has been my main goal but that doesn't mean I do not have my eyes and hears open to whats next.  As pictured above, I've worked with the high school team which went very well.  I am looking into what other high school programs I can get set up with.  I see this last years as the beginning to a new life of not just helping people because I get paid to but because its all about paying it forward, changing lives and being a positive role model.  I have a lot to learn but I am open to learning and my mind is more open to where life might take me now.  A year ago I was excited to see what I would look like in a year and now I am here.  Now I've changed I do not think about what I look like but how I feel and think.  I feel more positive, focused, helpful, honest, productive, and healthier among many other things.  I look back and am proud that I am now focused on what is important, to make me the best that I can be.  I thank DDP Yoga for opening these doors for me and now its up to me to kick them down.

Thank you isn't the right word:

Before I close this year update blog, I have to send my gratitude to those who made this day happen.  I am not sure that most of the people that I will mention even know the gravity of our interactions at one time or another in the last year.  Some I have had only a few run ins with and other I have been able to get to know through text, emails, or just bantering on Facebook.  Some of these people are the crew that runs DDP Yoga, others are from Team DDP Yoga, and family or friends in Alaska as well as in the lower 48.  Please know that I will miss someone and for that I am sorry.  I have not had one person who hasn't helped me in one way or another that I have contacted.  I am very thankful for that so I thank all of you.

My wife has been there from the get go.  I love how supportive she has been with all of this and how crazy our lives are without adding in classes or workouts to complete my hours.  I get pissy about things at times and need someone to cool my jets, this women does that.  I am very grateful and thankful for her.

My friends at times can flip me shit about my "Yoga" program.  I know that somewhere inside they are proud of what I am doing.  I know they are happy if I am happy kinda dudes and I have excepted that from them.  If they ever want to check the ego at the door and hit the mat, they know where I am at.

DDP Yoga Crew: Dallas, Stacey, Yoga Doc, Sparky, Robert.  You all have helped me in so many ways from finding my voice when calling into DDP Radio, getting a nickname, making me believe in myself, never throwing in the towel, writing a blog, learning what being strong really means, and allowing me to be a part of the DDP Yoga family.  I owe you all so much yet all you ask for in return is to pay it forward.  Amazing and so refreshing being here with you all.  Thank you.

Team DDP Yoga: Roger Lowery was the guy that started it all to finally get me out of my shy shell i was hiding in.  He was the guy that I reached out to last summer.  I asked him how do you inspire others?  I wanted to help others with my adventure so I went to someone I respected within Team DDP Yoga to ask.  It might have been nothing new to him to have people come to him but for me, wow, it meant the world hearing back from him.  Thank you brother.  Slimtronic 5000 is another one of those that helped me a lot.  Its just nice having these amazing people there for me and so many others whenever there is a issue I need help with.  This cat has so much going on but has always given me advice or feedback.  I thank him and his band for providing me with great tunes for my classes.  Thank you brother.  Sparky has been a soundboard for me and I respect his opinion very much even if he is a Penguins fan.  Thank you brother for flipping me shit as well as saying some pretty nice things about my progress so far.  Means the world to me come from you.  Mike Mullins has helped me along the way.  I appreciate his advice and kind words.  It's pretty badass having someone to chat with about old school wrestling.  Thanks bro.  Nolan Bobbitt, wow, if you are just starting out with this program contact this guy.  His story is amazing and is a really easy going guy to talk to.  Thank you and I appreciate our chats bro.  
Others that have been there to comment on post or blogs are Chad Collins, Haydn Walden, Ross Raymond, Tony Finbarr-Smith, Matt Owens, Matt Hancock, Steve Langer, and Steven McEvoy who always makes a comment about my blog post that help me believe I am doing something right by writing them.  It's the little things that are big to me.  Oh boy.... there are so many more out there.  My soon to be "Cert Sisters" Liz Collins and Christina Russell for being kickass women that have blazed such a trail with their blogs and videos.  The two of you have helped me put my Ass Kickin Alaskan face, story, and brand out there.  You both moved me enough to start documenting my adventure.  Thank you both so much.

Wrestling Legends: Well this is something that I never thought I would be able to write about.  Thanks goes to Scott Hall for making that phone call just when I needed it to thank me for helping you.  Watching your journey has helped me see that anyone can change and motivated me to continue to change.  Same goes for Aurelian Smith or as we all know him, Jake the Snake Roberts.  It was an honor to be able to talk with you on DDP Radio.  I am proud of where you are at in life and grateful that you have put your journey out there for everyone to see.  You have helped me in so many ways without even knowing it.  Thank you.  Another one is Larry Pfohl aka Lex Luger.  Seeing another hero of mine growing up rise from the ashes was amazing and inspirational.  His book was very honest and open.  I was very honored to be able to call into DDP Radio to chat with him.  What an amazing guy and story.  More thanks and gratitude go out to Marc Mero and Michael Manna for fielding questions that really helped guide me on my adventure with DDP Yoga.  Just to talk with these guy I grew up on was a life changing thing but to me now its more than that.  I was able to ask all of these heroes of mine advice about life and how to always be moving forward in a positive way.  I thank them all very much and have so much respect for them.

I thank all of you because you have helped keep me get here and kept me moving forward so I can help others.  I hope that I can give you all 1/10 of what you all have given me because you all have given me so damn much.  Thank you all..... Yikes that's a lot of thank you's.  I hope I did not bore you all.

In closing I'd like to leave a message just like those who came before.

"To those starting the journey or thinking about getting into the DDP YOga program I say this.  There is an endless amount of support, knowledge, and people to hold you accountable here within Team DDP Yoga.  As long as you are open about where you are at and check that ego at the door then the sky is the limit to what you can do.
But all this can't happen until you are ready and willing to change.  That's how I got started and I know you can do it too.  I believe in you, now get out there and kick some ass."

Thank you

Josh "The Ass Kickin Alaskan" McAdoo

Next blog is my certification journey with DDP Yoga so stay tune.  Be well friends.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Finally giving up the fight to stay unhealthy

Had a quick thought today as I near my 31st birthday.  A year ago this week my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday and without skipping a beat I said DDP Yoga.  That is all nothing more, nothing less.  I finally gave up, in a good way, the losing battle I was having in my head about getting healthy.  I remember feeling so much energy just knowing that I was getting the program.  I finally changed my brain and was ready to start becoming a better me.  At that time I did not understand how big of a moment that was until right now.

So you never really know what can happen if you just do something as simple as writing a goal down on a piece of paper.  Thinking about that goal daily and really wanting to achieve that goal.  You can not sit back and wait for the change to happen otherwise, in my case, you'll be overweight, unmotivated and unhappy.  So write your goals down and remember make them achieveable.  Don't set yourself up to fail.  Last thing is do it now not tomorrow.  I believe in this motto now more than ever.

To be continued soon.  Up next will be looking back at my first year with DDP Yoga titled. "From "The Couch Potatoe" to the "Ass Kickin' Alaskan": 1 year with DDP Yoga"

Be well friends

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Getting back up and becoming stronger

Just a little short blog since I felt like this was something that I needed to address. There are those out there who struggle and always motivated me to be honest when I was struggling.  It takes a strong person to ask for help or let others know that you are struggling.  I am inspired by people like that so here I am paying it forward.  Through my struggle I hope I can help at least one person out there like some many have done for me.

Struggles of the mind
I believe that the biggest road block I have had with working out and hitting that mat, is the battle inside of my own head.  Yeah most would think "well I can't do a push up" or "workout for 30 to 50 minutes without crying to my mama."  For me it was that battle inside me that always would tell me that I was lazy and couldn't do it.  The body was ready and willing but the mind continued to stop myself from even giving it a try before finding DDP Yoga.  This was my way of thinking for years, well most of my life until early last year.

I went for months on this program and knocked down every road block.  I was doing well, teaching 4 nights a week, and being as positive as I could.  Then I allowed stress get into my head.  I was stressing over being held to a high standard.  This super high standard was something that I put in place for myself.  I was the one who raised the bar too high for where I am at.  Writing this now after going through all of it I can see that there was a reason for that.  Ill get to that reason in a little bit.  I allowed self doubt to eat away at me silently without talking about it.  I was too worried about what others would say or think if I slowed down to center myself.  This just added to the garbage that was in my head.  I was setting my goals and expectations too high.  So what happens when you set yourself up to fail?  You fail.

(Back to basics.  This was a sneak shot that the wife took my first week of DDP Yoga.  I looked back at this and was amazed how much better my alignment is now over time)

The Reason
So the reason for all of this struggle in my mind was to make me stop, slow down, and becoming stronger.  Not in the body as much but stronger in the mind.  If I am going to be teaching DDP Yoga I need to be fit mentally before being able to help others.  I had to learn what the fall felts like to appreciate what I had going for me.  I was too focused on the end of the race and didn't bother seeing what was in front of me.  I know that now and embrace the fall.  For me it makes getting back up that much better.  Was it really a fall?  I mean I lost 7lbs during the month of December.  Hell I usually put on about 15lbs during that time of year but for the first time in my life I didn't.  My fall was not in the body but in my mind as I said before.  It happens to all of us and its all about how you use it.  Are you the type that will let it all go and do the "poor me" routine or are the type that will get back up, dust yourself off, then move passed it?

Be well friends.